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At Unique, it’s our vision to provide you with unusually awesome support. You pick which support method works best for you, and we promise to deliver!

Call for instant help | (702) 216-0266 / DSN (312) 682-7157

Monday – Thursday from 4:00 am to 7:00 pm, Fridays from 4:00 am to 3:00 pm

Our Support Team |

If you’d rather skip our auto attendant, you can call your favorite team member directly!
IMG_1360-1 Eric 8.16 Thomas 8.16 Ben 8.16 Jared 8.16 Ben B 8.16
Kathy Maston
Eric Blazzard
Thomas Scoble
Ben Rigby
Jared Davies
Benjamin Bryce
Todd 8.16 Lemon 8.16 Van 8.16 Ty 8.16
Todd Ream
Jeremy Lemon
Van Smith
Ty Turner

Our Build Team |

Most programmers are sheltered from customers in company caves. Our build team is out and ready to befriend you anytime!
Brett 150 - 2 Mark 8.16 Jensen 8.16 IMG_1360Mia Brandon 8.16 Matt 8.16
Brett Burbidge
Mark Moulton
Jeremy Jensen
Mia Chia
Brandon Arthur
Matt Wiscombe
Brian 8.16
Brian Yang

Open a ticket |

If you have an issue that you want to report, please hit CAIRS to open a ticket. You can expect a call within a few minutes during business hours.

CAIRS Blog |

Want to learn a more about CAIRS? Visit our blog for articles on feature enhancements, common training issues, and other knowledge base articles.

CAIRS Installation & Training Survey

We love feedback! Please take a moment to evaluate our installation and training team. Click here to take a brief survey.

CAIRS User Guide

Want to read all things CAIRS related? Click here to download the latest version of the CAIRS User Guide. No sleeping please!