Meet the Unique Family

Say hi to the team that makes Unique an awesome place to work and makes CAIRS such a great application.

Len 150 - 2

Len Vanderhoven


As you know from Our Story, Len started Unique several years ago. He enjoys working so closely with his two sons, Lennie and Shawn (his other son Jason worked here for over 10 years but has since moved on)! …more

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Did you know…I built the first version of CAIRS in Interpretive Basic.
Cathy 150 - 2

Cathy Vanderhoven


Cathy founded Unique Communications with her husband Len. After Cathy’s boys were grown, she traveled the globe working with customers doing training and developing education collateral. Although not actively involved in…more

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Training, Training, TrainingI have been training on CAIRS for over 20 years!
Lennie 8.16

Lennie Vanderhoven

Chief Operating Officer

Over the years, Lennie has been our go-to-guy. He takes on the hardest projects and he is the first to face an unhappy customer. Lennie is the ultimate customer advocate; every organization needs a team-member like him!…more

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Money, Money, Money, MoneyI am the resident expert on accounting. I will make it work in any situation!
Jon 8.16

Jon Kim

Director of Sales, Marketing & Finance

Jon is our 2013 Employee of the Year!! As a company, we vote for the employee who excelled in living our values from the previous year. One of our values is to “Be Awesome” and we agreed that Jon represents that value!…more

Konichiwa!I speak English, Korean and some Mandarin Chinese!
Shari 8.16

Sharlene Arthur

Secretary Treasurer

What can we say about Shari? Except that she does it all. She single handedly runs our accounting and keeps this office running like a well-oiled machine. Shari splits here time between Henderson, NV and Denver, CO….more

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FamilyAt one time, both my sons and husband worked with me! Luckily, I still get to work with one of my sons!
Todd 8.16

Todd Ream

Program Manager

Todd joined the Unique Communications club 7 years ago. He coordinates and leads our contracted projects. Todd is awesome! He is considerate and service oriented. You will find Todd to be an absolute pleasure to team up with….more

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Fa La La La LaI am a human jukebox! I can turn anything into a song.
Van 8.16

Van Smith

Project Manager

Everyone loves Van! He has the type of personality that could calm down a screaming banshee during a fire emergency. Look to Van to stick with solving your problems. He spends his time at Unique working the help desk and implementing…more

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Second Time AroundThis is the second time I have worked at Unique. I moved away and rejoined the family a few years ago.

Kathy Maston

Customer Support Team

I joined the Unique family December 1 and look forward to learning, growing, and being Unique. Here at Unique I will be answering the support line. I have been married to my husband for 21 years and we have 4 kids…more

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Dew the Dew! Mt Dew is my favorite drink! I’m never far from a cold dew.
Lemon 8.16

Jeremy Lemon

Customer Service Team

Jeremy is “THE” support Ginja Ninja! He digs all things Scottish. He loves traveling to customer sites and creating long lasting relationships with our customers. One of his favorite things to do is to train customers how to use the…more

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KiltYes I own one and would wear it everyday if I could!
Eric 8.16

Eric Blazzard

Customer Support Team

My name is Eric Blazzard, and if you have called us recently, most likely you have talked with me. I am the newest guy here at Unique but I can already tell you it’s a great place to be. Computers have always been a hobby of mine and it all started…more

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I’ll be in the kitchenI love to cook and am usually the reason the kitchen smells good!
Ben B 8.16

Benjamin Bryce

Customer Service Team

I enjoy all things electronic. Researching new technologies and learning as much as I can about them is my passion. As a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho, I am desperately trying to adjust to the Las Vegas climate. This mostly means that…more

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Ben R 8.16

Ben Rigby

Customer Service Team

I have a 13 year military career as a US Air Force Communications Squadron Airman as well as currently serving as an Army National Guard Military Intelligence Officer. I have more than 6 years of experience as an IT professional working with a variety of computer hardware and software…more

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Army National GuardI currently serve as a Military Intelligence Officer.
Thomas 8.16

Thomas Scoble

Customer Service Team

I am a fun loving guy. I love to go scuba diving, shooting, and playing video games. I will try just about anything at least once. I strive to learn as much as I can to be as much help as possible. I just graduated from ITT Tech. I am…more

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LaughI love to make people laugh, my goal is to make you laugh!
Computer TimeI love to build computers. I have built 5 in the last year!
Jared 8.16

Jared Davies

Customer Service Team

Jared and his family joined us in August 2010 from Delaware. He is well versed in all area of and if he doesn’t know the answer he knows where to get it. He enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, really anything that keeps him outdoors…more

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Dr. PepperDr. Pepper is my favorite drink. Look for the hidden can in the “Our Place” photos!
Ty 8.16

Ty Turner

Customer Service Team

Ty is a super focused, problem solving machine! If Ty is working on your issue you can expect results. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, and baseball. He also likes playing video games in all forums. He loves teaching his twin boys how to play…more

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Garden TimeI have twin boys who I am teaching to garden!
Dan 8.16

Dan Pitcher

Sales Team

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and am looking for a way to create an outdoor work area. I love sports and I just learned what Jai Alai is and would like someday to give it a try (by the way I have tried curling and kinda like it)….more

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O CanadaI am the only Canadian working at Unique Communications!
Rick 8.16

Rick Lendowski

Sales Team

My drive is to succeed and take on new challenges. I like to get into the thick of things and win. For the past 37 years I have been working in Telecommunications, Operations, Project Management, QA, TMS SME, IPT assist for I3MP…more

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Cheese HeadThat’s right, I root for my Green Bay Packers!

Misty Sullivan

Sales Team

Misty assists the Sales Team in providing maintenance quotes to our customers. She loves working for Unique and enjoys the organizational challenges of keeping accounts on track. If given time to do whatever,…more

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Sweet ToothI’ve been bitten by the Sweet Tooth Fairy! Where’s the chocolate?
Brian 8.16

Brian Yang

Customer Service/Build Team

Brian’s Loquat tree is still growing and he hopes it will produce fruit in a year or two. This year his family was able to harvest at least 10 lbs. of strawberries. When he has time he enjoys teaching his kids how to cook and is often camping…more

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Loquats?I will save you a trip to the dictionary, it is an Asian Evergreen Tree!
Kmac 8.16

Keith McMillen

Build & QA Team

Keith is a proud father of one daughter and grandfather of two granddaughters. He has been writing computer programs since 1967 at the University of Illinois. We find Keith to be a great all around resource. He is good at working in teams…more

702.216.0266 ext 4407
KMacMost people call me KMac, feel free to do the same.
Kedric 8.16

Kedric Hedger

QA Team

Kedric has been working with Unique as a quality assurance software tester since September 2014. He really enjoys learning new things and working with people. Some of his hobbies include traveling with his family, watching sports, surfing the internet…more

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Football anyone?I love to watch sports, especially my Utah Utes!
Jane 150

Jane Lendowski

QA Team

My passions & skills are Program Management, Project Management, Customer Service and QA. The bigger the program or problem the better. I have 45 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. My passions…more

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Violist VirtuosoI am a Concert Violist Virtuoso!

Mia Chia

QA Team

Mia loves to make sure that every little detail is accounted for! So she says working in QA fits her personality perfectly and is excited to come into work every day. Mia graduated from BYU in Business with Emphasis in Information Systems. more

What is KDrama?South Korean made television dramas spoken in Korean.
Brett 150 - 2

Brett Burbidge

Build Team

“I bet staring at the computer all day was really hard” my son Garrett sarcastically says. Seeing software development as kind of MineCrafting, I can appreciate why he views my job as slightly suspect. I have been staring at this screen…more

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Jerky!I must eat beef jerky daily!
Matt 8.16

Matt Wiscombe

Build Team

I have been with Unique Communication Solutions for 6 years. For the past 4 years I’ve been working in the Switching and Scripting Department working on developing WOPR scripts to communicate with your telephone switches….more

702.216.0266 ext 4502
Climbing Anyone?I am an avid rock climber. If you ever want to go climbing, give me a call!
Jensen 8.16

Jeremy Jensen

Build Team

Jeremy spends most of his waking time working with data. Fixing, converting, analyzing, you name it. He also works on designing hardware solutions for big customers, maintaining company tech junk, and helping customers with challenges….more

702.216.0266 ext 4314
SQL anyone?I am a SQL query writing pro!
Brandon 8.16

Brandon Arthur

Build Team

Brandon is a solution finder, whether it’s a car engine, a SQL server, telephone system or pile of messy code. Brandon has an MS in Information Systems from the University of Colorado and BS in Recreation Management from BYU-Idaho. more

702.216.0266 ext 4501
CyclingI spend lots of time on my bike and compete in triathlons, you can follow me on
Mark 8.16

Mark Moulton

Build Team

I’ve just started working at Unique Communications and absolutely love it. While working for Unique I am also wrapping up my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I am currently responsible for writing SQL…more

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I’ll be outsideI enjoy anything having to do with the great outdoors!

Eric McDonald

Build Team

I have recently joined the Unique programming team and have enjoyed being here. I went to school at UNLV where I graduated with a Computer Science degree. When I’m not programming I like to play all types of games…more

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SneakyI often unintentionally spook my coworkers by suddenly appearing near them without making a sound.
Erin 8.16

Erin Vanderhoven

Online Marketing & Product Collateral

She wears a bazillion hats at Unique Communications, one of which is Lennie’s personal assistant. Without her, none of his expense reports would get done! Every year, Erin puts on the biggest show on earth, the annual certification course…more

702.216.0266 ext 4304
Let it Snow!I love snow! I miss it living in Las Vegas.