Brett Burbidge


Build Team

My 12 year old son is convinced that I spend my days planning a kind of undecipherable video game.   In that light, I can appreciate why he views my job through slightly suspect eyes.  I have been staring at this screen for the past 10 years and, contrary to young belief, most days it’s crazy hard.  I have always wanted to express my creativity through drawing or writing, but honestly I suck at that;  instead I have found that I can express myself through software creation and the computer is my canvas.  God, wife, kids, and work are the loves in my life, pretty much in that order.   When I am not pursuing those things I love beef jerky, exploration and standup comedy. 


A note from the team:  Brett is hard to beat. Wherever he goes within Unique, he makes a huge difference.  In fact, we nicknamed him “Golden”, because everything he touches turns to gold.  If you are working a project with Brett, we are sure you will see what we mean. 

I have expert skills in these areas of

  • Telephone Control Officers
  • Resource Manager

I have mad skills in these areas of

  • Configured Items – Cell Phones
  • Orders
  • General Orders
  • Commanding Officer
  • Supervising Manager
  • Equipment & Services
  • Accounting – Billing Setup
  • Facilities – Sites
  • Facilities – Buildings
  • Directory/Organizations
  • System Admin – Security