Dan Pitcher


Customer Service Team

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and am looking for a way to create an outdoor work area.  I love sports and I just learned what Jai Alai is and would like someday to give it a try (by the way I have tried curling and kinda like it).  One of my bucket list items is to attend a professional football game in every professional stadium.  My favorite movie heroes are Bob and Doug Mckenzie.  One of my daily goals is to make sure I laugh at least once a day. 


A note from the team – We are down with Dan.  He is one of our newest family members.  He is nice, works super hard, sincere, and can see when things aren’t right (a skill we really value).  We feel lucky to have him. 

 I have mad skills in these areas of cairs.net

  • Facilities
  • System Admin – Security
  • UCE

I have a working knowledge of all things cairs.net, if I don’t know the answer I will find it for you!