Jared Davies


Customer Service Team

Jared and his family joined us in August 2010 from Delaware.  He is well versed in all area of cairs.net and if he doesn’t know the answer he knows where to get it.  He enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, really anything that keeps him outdoors with his camera.  Visit www.backcountryphotographer.com to view some of his images. 


We totally dig Jared! You can always count on his commitment to resolve any issue! 

I have mad skills in these areas of cairs.net:

  • Configured Items – Sets
  • Configured Items – Circuits
  • All of Orders & Troubles
  • Subscribers
  • Equipment & Services
  • Accounting
  • Facilities
  • Organizations
  • Security
  • Service Management

People call me amazing because of my mad skills in creating your custom report templates!