Jeremy Jensen


Build Team

Jeremy spends most of his waking time working with data.  Fixing, converting, analyzing, you name it.  He also works on designing hardware solutions for big customers, maintaining company tech junk, and helping customers with challenges.  When he is not traveling for work or concocting database solutions he likes being a jungle-gym for his kids and watching movies with his lovely wife.

I have expert skills in these areas of

  • Configured Items – Circuits
  • Configured Items – Cell Phones
  • Equipment & Services
  • Calls & Media Imports
  • Authorization Codes
  • Facilities
  • Organizations
  • Service Management
  • CAIRS 32
  • UCall 32
  • UCE

I have mad skills in these areas of

  • Configured Items – Set Management
  • Orders & Troubles
  • Subscribers
  • Accounting
  • Switches
  • System Admin – Security
  • System Admin – System Settings