Jon Kim


Director of Sales, Marketing & Finance

Jon is our 2013 Employee of the Year!!


As a company, we vote for the employee who excelled in living our values from the previous year. One of our values is to “Be Awesome” and we agreed that Jon represents that value! For instance, last year Jon exceeded his sales goal by over 10%! 


Most days, you’ll find Jon at his desk or walking around the office listening to the needs of our current and future customers to make sure we are providing our best software and support. 


Jon has been on the Unique Team for a little over 14 years! He graduated from BYU and has since married his lovely wife, Karen. They now have four children. 


If you get the chance, congratulate Jon on his success in exemplifying our values at Unique Communications!

My contact info

Email Icon 20x20 Phone Icon 20x20 702.216.0266 ext 4201