Ty Turner


Customer Service Team

Ty is a super focused, problem solving machine!  If Ty is working on your issue you can expect results.  He enjoys playing basketball, golf, and baseball.  He also likes playing video games in all forums. He loves teaching his twin boys how to play sports, build with Legos, and gardening. Ty considers himself the Jack of all Trades. Fun fact: Ty entertained audiences by singing and dancing in the musical “Oklahoma”. Favorite quote: “Surely you can’t be serious.” “I am serious and don’t call me Shirley”

I have expert skills in these areas of cairs.net:

  • UCE

I have mad skills in these areas of cairs.net:

  • Configured Items
  • Orders
  • Troubles
  • Equipment & Services
  • Calls & Media Imports
  • Authorizations Codes
  • Facilities
  • Security
  • System Settings
  • Service Management

I also feel pretty confident in CAIRS 32, UCall 32, UCE and UCLMrg/SAM.