Our Place

Home Base

Unique Communications is located in Henderson, NV, a small suburb to the infamous Las Vegas!  

We endure three months of outrageous heat to enjoy nine months of wonderful weather and temperatures! 
If you’re ever in the area, stop on by to say hello!  
Work Floor
Walls, we don’t need no stinkin’ walls!
We work in an open environment that allows our team to openly collaborate on projects to deliver pure awesomeness.  
Reading Spot
We value education; one of our company’s values is to never stop learning
The reading room allows us to take 30 minutes out of our day to read, innovate and think!
Comic books welcome!
Training Room2
Class Room
Everyday we are adding new features to make our software better
Our training center gives our customers a distraction free environment to come learn our latest and greatest software. 
It’s also a perfect place for us to improve our own training skills!
P90X 3 Gym
We all strive to be physically fit!
Unique has built a workout room for us to reach our fitness goals.  We have a bike, treadmill, weights, and even a swim spa! 
If you’re into P90X, then challenge Matt. He’s our champion!
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