Our Values

Be Unique – We strive to stand by our values and to stay Unique.

Be awesome
Being awesome is our golden rule.  It encompasses all of our values.  Essentially, we are awesome when we help you hit your goals!
Be a listener
Developing empathy creates trust and finds the roots to problems.   Through good listening, we can understand your needs, enabling us to give you the right solution.
Be empowering
At Unique, we believe that your effectiveness and influence should grow by using our stuff.  If we aren’t empowering you, lets us know!
Be honest
Honest feedback can be hard to hear, but it’s critical for growth.  What’s worse than honest feedback is no feedback!  Be honest with us.  We care.
Be nice
We love to be nice!  We have a strict “no jerk” policy.  We’re confident that you’ll like working with us.
Be a learner
Asking why is critical to personal growth.  We strive to never stop learning, sharing, and applying new knowledge.
Be innovative
Innovation is a choice.  We take time to innovate.  You can help us innovate by sharing your thoughts and ideas with our team.
Be true
Having integrity builds trust and feeds our character.  We seek to follow through with every commitment we make!  If we have missed a commitment with you, please call us out.
Be results centered
We believe that failures need to be embraced and success needs to be celebrated.
Be a culture builder
Life’s greatest meaning is found living in harmony with true principles.  At Unique, we work hard to integrate our vision and values into our work.
Be thrifty
Doing more with less is cool!
Be fun
We believe in the power of laughter.  A good clean laugh brings happiness.  We look forward to laughing with you.

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